One day to go

Mar. 2, 2008
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My guess: Obama will win big in Vermont; squeak out a 5 point win in Rhode Island; take the Texas caucus vote by 10 points; win the Texas primary vote by a narrow margin while Hillary Clinton will take Ohio 49-48 and will announce it is "on to Pennsylvania."

If I'm right, the battle will shift to Michigan and Florida. If that is the case, the divisions in the Party may well elect John McCain.

The phone call at three in the morning TV spot had a big blow-back. First, when asked, her chief strategist could not name a single foreign policy crisis Hillary Clinton had to deal with. Then Bill Richardson came out with an assurance that Obama was fully capable of handling foreign policy and Jay Rockefeller endorsed Barack. And it permitted Obama to bring back Hillary's vote in favor of the Iraq war.

The economy will be the number one issue from now until November including the $275 million per day going to Iraq that could be spent on our schools, health care, the deficit.

Of note: United Technologies is trying a take over of Diebold--yes, that Diebold--manufacturer of voting machines. Lookout!

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