Buckle Your Seatbelt!!

Mar. 3, 2008
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We are in for a ride today. Will Texas (of all places) and Ohio (of all places) knock the Chair of the DLC Dream Initiative , Hillary Clinton, out of the contest and give the Democratic Party back to the people? Or, will those voters give Senator Clinton the momentum she and her happy band of advisers (Mark Penn--"Don't blame me!") need to move on? Will Al From be drinking champagne at the Ritz-Carleton with Evan Bayh and Tom Vilsack or sipping cognac alone in his den?

How do you know candidates? Well, one test I use is their attitude toward the right-wing Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) run by Al From and lots of other faux Democrats. Founded in 1985, the DLC has been the wizard behind the curtain pushing NAFTA with a passion, welfare reform, and war.

A friend described the DLC as the "40 Southern White Boys" who rode into town to save the Party from dangerous lefties like you meet at Fighting Bob FestTom Harkin, Granny D, Bernie Sanders, Bobby Kennedy, Tammy Baldwin, Hightower, Jeremy Scahill, Ellen Bravo, Peg Lautenslager, Midge Miller, Gwen Moore, and Amy Goodman and...you.The leading DLC folks are nervous. They don't know how to stop Barack. Barack tapped into the small giver's pockets to run his campaign--he didn't need Al From or John Breaux to line up the heavy breathers.

The leaders of DLC, listed on their web site, to name a few: Dick Gephardt, John Breaux (now a lobbyist with that progressive from Mississippi, Trent Lott) Sam Nunn, Joe Lieberman (Democrat? Who is that Lieberman look-alike on McCain's elbow?), Evan Byah, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chuck Robb, Tom Vilsack of Iowa.

If Barack wins today, watch the DLC spinners push Evan Byah, Vilsack, or Sam Nunn for vice president. They need access to the inner circle.

So, nervous as we are, Al From is more nervous. Can he keep the DLC in power through Clinton II." Or will he be forced into exile?
(Now it must be said that Jim Doyle was named Governor of the month a while back by the DLC. Unlike the Cub fans at Wrigley Field who throw the ball back when an opponent hits a home run, Jim kept his gift from the DLC. Scary? You betcha.)

See you in the morning! (Good night Al.)


Would white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan pose the same threat they do now if a mainstream Republican were president instead of Donald Trump?

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