A Big Hello to Turf

A new collaboration of instructors and students in theatre

Apr. 25, 2011
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Earlier this month, Greg Bach and Michele Kiewig announced a brand new Milwaukee theatre project: Turf Theatre.

A collaboration of students and instructors, Turf offers workshop space for creative types at ComedySportz. From the press release, co-founder Michele Kiewig says, “Our goal is to provide a space where teachers will not only educate but create curriculums that may not be offered in other schools. We may offer space for anything from square dancing to film-making!”  


The two classes currently listed on its website include a two-hour study in the “what are you doing?” improv game taught by ComedySportz/Kentucky Fried Theatre co-founder Dick Chudnow. The class is $10 and runs from 3 to 5pm on May 22nd.

And on May 15th, ten year ComedySportz veteran Rich Laguna teaches a $10 class in the “Freeze,” improv game. The class is from 2 to 4 pm.

Either class sounds like fun for anyone interested in trying improv under the watchful eye of seasoned professionals. For more info, visit Turf online.



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