Opening the Tribeca Film Festival this year is...

Mar. 6, 2008
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...Baby Mama.


Okay, initially I was very excited for this new film, being that it is the big screen debut as a leading lady for Tina Fey, the phenomenal talent behind NBC's little seen comedy gem 30 Rock, but then I saw the preview. Now it is hard to judge a movie solely from a preview, since I probably was not the target audience for it, but the comedy was completely lost on me, to put it kindly. It is important to note that Tina Fey was not the writer or creative personality behind the movie, that is Michael McCullers in his directing debut, famous for writing the last two installments of the Austin Powers series.

To find out that Baby Mama is going to be opening the Tribeca Film Festival was a shocking development, so maybe there is hope yet. However, the last comedy to open the festival was Raising Helen in 2004. Please let me know if anyone remembers that movie.





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