Another Chance At Murder in the Art World

UW-Whitewater presents THE ART OF MURDER

Jun. 2, 2011
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UW-Whitewater Theatre opens its Summeround Theatre season at the end of the month with a production of Joe DiPietro’s art world murder/suspense comedy The Art Of Murder. The premise of the show is fun—there’s an artist and his wife. There is a plot to kill the artist’s agent. Tere’s plenty of dark humor. And there’s a human-sized sensory deprivation chamber. Imagination can fill-in much of the rest, but there are plenty of twists, turns and what have you in a really, really entertaining script that was produced this past season by Milwaukee’s In Tandem Theatre.

UW-Whitewater offers-up an  opportunity to enjoy a really good story for those not fortunate enough to have seen  the In Tandem show this past season.

UW-Whitewater’s production of The Art of Murder runs June 21st- 25th at Hicklin Studio Theatre in the Greenhill Center of the Arts. For reservations, call 262-472-2222.



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