Shuffle the order?

Jun. 2, 2011
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The first step was taken today when Casey McGehee was taken out of the lineup. Not only is Casey not getting hits, but he's even incapable of putting a sac fly in the air. While Craig Counsell's batting average isn't any better, he takes walks and gives you a solid at-bat every time. Until Casey can figure out where his swing went, he shouldn't be in the lineup.

But it's time to talk about the rest of the batters, as well. With Casey out, Corey Hart should be hitting fifth. Braun and Fielder need someone to protect them in the lineup and Hart has come on with a vengenance since returning from the disabled list.

Nyjer Morgan should never be in the eight hole. If Roenicke is insistant on playing Morgan at the bottom of the order, he should be batting the pitcher ninth and using Morgan as a "second lead off hitter." His career number do not support the start that he's had to the season and the Brewers should be riding Morgan's hot hand until it cools. His two trips to the DL have not dampened his hot hitting and the Brewers should be using it to their advantage. His speed on the bases needs to be better used. It's wasted when we're batting him before the pitcher and wasting an out bunting him over to second. He can take second for free - why are we giving up the out? Roenicke is so keen to run in every other situation, why take the bat out of the hands of one of the most prolific hitting pitching staffs in the majors? It seems so contrary to Roenicke's philosophy.

In my opinion, Morgan should be batting second. A first five of Weeks, Morgan (til he cools), Braun, Fielder and Hart is formidable and would be tough for any pitcher to face. Put speed on the basepaths and we'll score runs on Braun and Fielder's singles and doubles and we won't have to rely on the long ball.

And can we please pull Jonathan Lucroy from the 8-hold oblivion that Roenicke seems determined to relegate him to? His solo home runs are all wasted opportunities. Batting him behind the likes of McGehee and Betancourt is a waste of his talent. Roenicke has argued that Lucroy is so busy focusing on managing pitchers that they don't want to give him the extra burden of hitting higher in the order. Is there anyone that doesn't feel that Lucroy is made of sterner stuff? Maybe when he was a green rookie we had to worry about that sort of thing, but he's in his second season. He's about to turn 25 years old. He's a big boy. He's hitting prolifically where he's at and we're wasting it. Does putting him in the 6th hole really put too much pressure on him? It's a silly, flimsy excuse for batting him behind Yuni and it needs to stop.


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