Off The Wall Stages Wisconsin Premiere of Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical

Dale Gutzman and Anne Van Deusen direct ASPECTS OF LOVE

Jun. 13, 2011
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In 1955, British author David Garnett wrote a complicated romantic novel Aspects of Love—a story involving a soldier named Alexis Golightly, his uncle George and an actress named Rose Vibert. In 1979, Andrew Llyod Webber and Tm Rice were approached to write music for a film adaptation . . . which never really went anywhere. Some time later, their work on the project was brought to light in a musical/chamber opera that debuted on West End in 1989. Not a hugely popular musical, Aspects ended up being known for it’s hit song Love Changes Everything more than anything else.

Some time later, Off the Wall Theatre stages the play for the first time in Milwaukee. The Off the Wall’s intimate studio theatre stage should be the right atmosphere for musical romance . . . the production stars Matt Walton (Theatrical Tendencies’ THRILL ME) as Alex, and OTW veteran Robert Hirschi as George and Laura Monagle as Rose.

OTW Artistic Director Dale Gutzman directs with Anne Van Deusen serving as Musical Director.

Off the Wall Theatre’s production of Aspects of Love runs July 14th- 24th, For reservations, call 414-327-3552.



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