Improv Telethon with Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario’s latest at ComedySportz June 24th

Jun. 19, 2011
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In about a month and a half, The Milwaukee Comedy Fest comes to inhabit every nook and cranny of ComedySportz.

Several weeks before the sketch/improv fest makes its appearance at the venue, local improv group Worst Case Scenario will be performing an evening of comedy there.

Starting at 11:30 pm on Friday, June 23rd, WCS will be performing The Telethon—an entire improv show designed around the format of a telethon. It’s kind of a clever idea from the same group who had previously done Star Wars and video game themed improv shows. In addition to WCS regulars, The Telethon will feature improv comics from The Midnight Show, Meanwhile, and Al and Jim's One Man Show.

And of course, the format of the show does bleed into its purpose. The $5 admission fee and any other money raised over the course of the performance goes to support Milwaukee Comedy Fest. This is laughter to serve the cause . . . of laughter, which is probably the best cause.


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