Dead Man's Carnival at Miriamar

Eclectic Vaudeville Entertainment Freak Show In July

Jun. 20, 2011
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It may not exactly live up to the full meaning behind the poetry of its name, but Dead Man’s Carnival is a fun mixture of different performance styles. Every year there’s a little something different. Some of it’s very tight and brilliantly executed. Some of it lurks around the paler shadows of the forgettable. If nothing else, there’s a poetry to the name. It makes me feel good just to live in a city where there’s a Dead Man’s Carnival every summer.

This summer, the Carnival takes the stage of the Miramar Theater on July 16th. This year’s show is described like this:

“ Milwaukee's own Cabaret, Vaudeville, Variety, Circus Sideshow. This show will be full of Juggling, Magic, Acrobatics, Fire dancing and many more surprises. “

The show is backed-up by house band Sir Pinkerton and The Magnificents--a classy little retro group—a jazz group that does original stuff in the style of ragtime/boogie woogie. 


The show starts at 9pm on July 16th. Admission is $10.





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