Fire on Water Will Host Post-Summerfest Concerts

Jun. 20, 2011
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Fire on Water, the club at 518 N. Water St., announced today that it will host a post-Summerfest concert series called "The Afterburn." A different band will perform for free at the venue each night of the festival, beginning their set once the festival grounds close. The lineup leans toward the jammy side:

Wednesday, June 29 – Bad Acid Reflex
Thursday, June 30 – Off Tha Hook
Friday, July 1 – The Kingfish
Saturday, July 2 – Soup
Sunday, July 3 – Steez
Tuesday, July 5 – Bryan Cherry Band
Wednesday, July 6 – Floog
Thursday, July 7 – Element 13
Friday, July 8 – Kid Cutup
Saturday, July 9 – Steal Reserve

I'm always amazed that more downtown bars don't capitalize on Summerfest's huge crowds with organized post-parties, considering that the Summerfest grounds close at midnight each night.


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