In Tandem's Sneak Peek and Open House

Twenty minutes previewing 5 shows in ten months with In Tandem Theatre

Jun. 28, 2011
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Several days after Boulevard Theatre has its season preview performance at the South Shore Farmers’ Market, In Tandem Theatre will host its own 2011-2012 preview at the Tenth Street Theatre.

In Tandem has five shows being staged over the course of ten months from August through May. In Tandem’s Sneak Peek and Open House is an opportunity to see what’s coming-up on In Tandem’s season reesonating through the same space that it will come to occupy later-on this season.

The twenty-minute preview features snippets from all five shows. I don’t know if that exactly equates to four minutes for each show, but it should be a brisk walk through the  season at any rate. Since this is a preview, admission is free and open to everyone. There is a cash bar.  There will be appetizers. (There may even be actors.) The twenty-minute preview will be staged twice: once at 6:00 and once at 7:30.

For more information on In Tandem, visit their website.


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