Kidz Days at the Marcus Center

Free kids shows at the Peck Pavillion

Jul. 2, 2011
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By this point in the summer, there’s a kind of restlessness that starts to emerge in kids and adults alike. Being a father of a newborn daughter, I am beginning to see those days on the horizon where at some point in July or August of say . . . 2017 or so, my  daughter will start to feel kind of bored with all the time away from school. Having already read through and written comprehensive critical essays on the entire collected works of Shakespeare, Proust and Borges earlier in the summer, my little six year-old might get a little bored having been away from the steady routine of school for so long. She will feel restless and want to go and do something. And in t his case, I kind of hope that the Marcus Center is still doing its Kidz Days programming at the Peck Pavilion.

The idea is to provide free children’s programming for children at a young age to experience educational and interactive theatre in the summer months. Last year the program reach over 4,000 kids in various perfrormances at various places. Groups involved in the program include Milwaukee  Ballet, the Trinity Irish Dancers and First Stage among others.

The First Stage Children’s Theatre programs in particular sound interesting as they occur regularly in the Marcus Center’s Peck Pavilion every Tuesday morning at 10 am. The kids programming juggernaut has a long history of providing shows that should fit exceedingly well into the pleasantly metropolitan downtown venue that is the Peck Pavilion.

And while my expectations for my daughter’s precociousness may be comically exaggerated for effect here, it’s not entirely out of line to expect the program to still be around in 2017. This is the 27th year that the Marcus Center has been providing free children’s programming of this sort. Free kid's programming at the Center is clearly a very stable and long-standing tradition. 

For more information about Kidz Days with the Marcus Center, visit the Marcus Center online.







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