I love Nyjer Morgan

Jun. 28, 2011
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If new-to-the-team this year Brewer Nyjer Morgan hasn't won your heart, you haven't been paying attention.


The newest addition to the team has given some epic interviews, entertained with his Twitter account and is hitting .330.

This post-game interview literally had me jumping and clapping in my easy chair


He interacts with fans on Twitter, taking their advice on what to do with his off days (fly a kite at the lakefront) and where to go eat (poutine at the Red Dot.)

He has an alternate personality - his gentlemen's name of Tony Plush. Plush is the person he becomes on the field. He calls the plays he makes on the field "Plushdamentals."

If it all sounds a little crazy - well, it is. And that's what makes it so fun. He clearly doesn't take himself too seriously. After having problems with previous teams, Milwaukee and its fans seem to have embraced him completely.

We're constantly told that Milwaukee has a great clubhouse atmosphere and I think Morgan shows us that. Where he was combative with teammates in the past, he's fit right in with the boys in Milwaukee.

Morgan's twitter is @TheRealTPlush  

If you're not following it, you're doing yourself a disservice.


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