Auditions: Rocky Horror and the Pink Banana

Two Different Companies looking to cast for two different shows

Jul. 6, 2011
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Mid way through this month there are a couple of shows looking to cast for the upcoming season.

First off, Pink Banana Theatre has announced its show this November—they will be doing a production of Sarah Ruhl’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone. On the whole Ruhl’s stuff is pretty forgettable, but this play looks uncharacteristically promising. The idea is that a woman is in a quiet café when a stranger at the next table seems too inert to answer a pesky ringing cell phone. She does so out of frustration, only to find that she has just answered . . . a dead man’s cell phone. Things get kind of complicated from there. Could be an interesting comedy in an intimate Pink Banana show, which runs November 3rd – 12th at Next Act’s new space.

Pink Banana will be holding auditions for the show Saturday July 16th and Sunday the 17th at the 10th Street Theatre. The auditions will consist of cold readings from the script, but there will be time for short, prepared monologues of no more than 1.5 mnutes.

More information is available at the sign-up website.

(The sign-p website is kind of new to me . . . couldn’t help but notice that when I scrolled down I saw actual names of which actors auditioning when. Wasn’t quite expecting that to be open information. When I inadvertently scrolled down to the audition slot listings, three names immediately popped out at me from the rest of them. This could be a VERY god show depending on how auditions go . . . )

And then on Monday, July 18th and Tuesday the 19th, Oconomowoc’s Theatre On Main will be holding auditions for its prouction of The Rocky Horror Show. The original stage musical will be celebrating its 40th Birthday in a couple of years. This year there are a couple of noted local productions of the show. In Addition to this one in Oconomowoc, Off The Wall will be staging a production downtown Milwaukee. The productions open about a month apart from each other. Between the two productions and Sensual Daydreams’ regular monthly screenings at the Oriental every second Saturday at midnight, Rocky Horror is still ver much alive in the greater Milwaukee area. 


Auditions for Theatre On Main’s production of the show run Monday July 18th and Tuesday July 19th from 6 – 9pm. Theatre On Main’s production runs September 23rd – October 1st. Auditions are at the Theatre on 25 South Main Street in Oconmowoc. For more information, visit Theatre On Main online.





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