Actors Write: Carte Blanche's NEW PLAYS FESTIVAL

Theatre Company’s Shorts Festival Featuring work written by local actors

Jul. 21, 2011
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A Carte Blanche Studios show always ends up being something of a surprise in some manner. Quite often the surprise is a pleasant one. With its latest offering, there are far more unknowns than knowns as Carte Blanche presents its “First Annual” New Plays Festival. The festival, which had previously been scheduled the same weekend as the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, has been moved to the following weekend, much to the satisfaction of at least one theatre critic who has been known to enjoy spending an unreasonable amount of time at the Coemdyfest each year . . . 

A press release sent out just earlier today gives a something of a picture as to what expect from the fest  . . . the contents of that press release are more or less available on the Carte Blanche website.

The fest includes a number of shows written by particularly talented actors who have frequently worked with Carte Blanche. It’ll be interesting to get some idea as to what they’ve come up with.

A few quick reactions . . .

The first short on the fest (which, like the rest of them, gets repeated a couple of times over the course of the fest) is written by Fools For Tragedy co-founder Jordan Gwiazdowski . . .  judging from his scarce writings on facebook and I believe twitter, Gwiazdowski is one of those individuals who goes to help support y theory hat the best actors are also cleverly expressive in writing. The title of his short Kicking a Dead Baby, couldn’t be more darkly humorous. Sounds weird . .  .

Carte Blanche’s recent Blanche Dubois has work in the fest as well. The title of Katrina Greguska’s My Mother Does Not Want Me sounds appropriately dramatic for an actress with such a flair for performing serious drama onstage. Who knows, though—this could turn out to be a comedy. Here she’s directing something she’s written—kind of a strange experience as I recall from having done it myself years ago

White Porcelain (which doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be about a toilet—it could be abouth ANYTHING, right?) is the latest work to be staged by Jackie Benka—a performer/playwright who also penned Alchemist Theatre’s Jack The Ripper drama a while back.

Puppy Love is written by Emily Craig, who has had a number of memorable turns in nearly every show Carte Blanche has done so far. It’s being directed by Samantha Paige—a talented actress and choreographer. Unless Craig turns out to be a composer in addition to acting (and evidently directing one of the shorts,) I’m guessing there won’t be a chorus line of people dressed as puppies, but who can say for certain?

Carte Blanche’s New Play Festival is now scheduled to happen August 11th- 14th. For reservations, visit Carte Blanche Online.





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