A New Testament Musical Comedy

Ryan H. Nelson’s GOSPEL ACCORDING TO GARY opens Thursday

Jul. 25, 2011
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Summer is always a really nice opportunity to try new things. There’s inevitably some new ideas that make it to various stages that end up making for interesting, off-center theatre experiences.

To this end, local theatre people will be staging a new play. It’s a kind of a comedy that appears to be in a similar vein as The Life of Brian. The comedy The Gospel According to Gary.  It’s a musical satire set in the days after Jesus’ crucifixion. He was a nice guy There were some miracles. There are people who want to continue his work. And there’s at least one guy who wants to profit off of it . . . meet George the Greek—a guy who sees the possibility for a fortune in a weird, little religious cult that could make the big time.

Sounds like a fun idea if its executed right. The cast list looks fun, but mostly because of the characters involved in this debut musical . . . lots of new faces in the cast of actors. Someone named Mikaela Bolker plays Jesus sister Tina. (cute idea.) Nelson himself plays George. The only other name that jumps out at me is UWM graduate Amanda J. Hull who will be playing uhh . .. “Barbie.” (I’m sure that’s a modernization of ancient Hebrew or Aramaic . . . or not.) Sounds fun.

The Gospel According to Gary runs July 28th through August 6th at The Miramar Theatre on 2844 North Oakland Avenue. For more information, visit the show’s Facebook page.



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