The Definitive Rickie Weeks Playlist

Jul. 27, 2011
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Sports, as a general rule, discourage individuality. Each dresses players in matching uniforms and expects them to abide by a standard set of rules of etiquette. Baseball, however, is unique in that it provides a window into a player's personality and interests off the field: at-bat music. As brief as they are, those song snippets that play as a batter takes the plate actually tell us a lot about who he is, where he comes from and how he views himself. For instance, Casey McGehee's choice, the Shinedown's cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's “Simple Man,” is rife with cultural signifiers—the song is a loud assertion of McGehee's Southern values. Ryan Braun's multiple Kanye West picks remind us that the left fielder has expensive tastes and fathoms himself a winner. One of Prince Fielder's at-bat songs, “Heir to the Throne,” is particularly telling because he had it recorded specially, even selecting the beat himself. It says a lot about how the slugger views his place in the Fielder dynasty, laying clear his goal of eclipsing his estranged father's legacy.

But perhaps no batter has better taste in at-bat music than Rickie Weeks, one of the team's most passionate players and the one whose songs most convey the excitement, intensity and pressures of a hard-fought game. They're also the ones most likely to get you hyped, and the ones I most look forward to hearing at the stadium, which is why I've compiled 11 of them for this playlist, perfect for parties, work-out mixes and feel-good drives. I don't think it's a comprehensive list of Weeks' at-bat picks as a Brewer, but it's pretty close. If you know of any tracks I'm missing, let me know in the comments.

"Hustle Hard" - Ace Hood

"Lose My Mind" - Young Jeezy

"Right Above It" - Lil Wayne w/ Drake

"Ain't I" - Yung LA

"Adrenaline Rush" - Twista

"Put Your Hands Up" - DJ Khaled

"Dey Know" - Shawty Lo

"2 Step" - Unk

"Get Silly" - Vic ft. Soulja Boy

"I'm On One" - DJ Khaled

"Drop The World" - Lil Wayne


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