UW-Parkside '11/'12 Theatre Season

Season includes a crossover production with Milwaukee Chamber

Jul. 29, 2011
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Parkside Theatre, the UW-Parkside theatre program recently announced its upcoming season. It looks like an interesting and textured schedule. Here’s a quick look at what they’re doing.

October 21 -€“ 29  Parkside begins its season with the end of the Henriad--Henry V. The triumphant end to that era’s version of the action film genre, it was the final in a very, very long series of histories that was doubtlessly a commercial success for Shakespeare. The fact that it'€™s largely forgotten in the more critically acclaimed work shows what will likely be the fate of the big Hollywood film franchises of today. In any case, this is an opportunity to see a piece of commercial theatre history just outside metro Milwaukee.

December 9 -17 One of at least three Sara Ruhl shows to make it to the greater Milwaukee area fades into the stage in December as Parkside Theatre presents Ruhl’s Melancholy Play.  The premise for the contemporary farce kind of reminds me of a set of books I’ve been meaning to get around to reading . . . The Anatomy of Melancholy, which was evidently a best-selling series back when it was published in the 17th century—evidently people loved reading about sadness back then . . . and the protagonist of Ruhl’s faree is a woman so completely unhappy that everyone else around her has no recourse but to completely adore her. A clever premise that should be really interesting on a college stage.

In February and March Mrs. Haversham and that dreadful cake make a stage appearance again in a Parkside production of Great Expectations. Sigh . . .

April 13th -€“ 29th Parkside is the next in the parade of universities that the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre has been working with. Previous collaborators have included UWM and Marquette. Chamber teams-up with Parkside for a production of William Inge'€™s Bus Stop. Parkside students get a chance to work with seasoned professional talents Doug Jarecki, Dan Katula and Jacque Troy among others. It's been like . . . fifteen years since I’ve seen a production of this 20th century classic, so I figure I’m due for another chance to see it . . .

For more information on Parkside Theatre, visit them online.





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