Super High Me

Mar. 10, 2008
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Think Morgan Spurlock's popular Super Size Me, only this time, marajuana instead of McDonald's.

Premiering at Austin's vital SXSW Film Festival this week is Super High Me, part concert film and part investigative documentary. Featuring comedian Doug Benson, named "Stoner of the Year" by High Times magazine in 2006, it explores medical marajuana in the United States. As part of the movie, Benson smokes marajuana all day, every day for 30 days while he performs his stand up routine and the documentary looks at the effects it has on his body.

Super High Me is set for an intriguing distribution strategy. Uniquely understanding its audience, both their penchant for laziness and interest in partaking in certain illegal activities, Super High Me will be available for free on DVD. Just sign up on the film's website and you receive a limited shelflife DVD to screen at home with your friends, instead of having to go to the theatre and see it sober. The strategy has been devised to execute cost effective word of mouth screenings for the official DVD release on June 17.

When will the film be available? You guessed it, April 20, 2008, or simply, 4/20. Visit the films official website to register for a free DVD by mail, just pay shipping, at


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