NFL Injuries Up

Aug. 9, 2011
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According to the New York Times, says that on average, their are eight Achilles tendon injuries during an NFL season.

There have been 10 Achilles injuries already in the first week of the NFL preseason.

The Lions have lost first-round draft pick Mike Leshoure for the season to an Achilles injury.

Experts aren't willing to say yet that there are more injuries so far this offseason and some are saying that the numbers are increased because the lockout has allowed teams to have 90 guys on their roster - more than the usual 80.

Maybe its a perception thing, but it sure seems like the preponderance of hamstring pulls and sore quads has been higher here early in the 2011 preseason.

Did players really lay off this off-season because of the impending lockout? If you're to believe their twitter streams, players like OchoCinco and Jermichael Finley worked harder than before to be in shape in case the season came together.

But did some players take it easy? I find that hard to believe, but it sure seems likely when we read about these continued injuries.

You're a professional athlete - your season is just 5-6 months long. No one begrudges you some time off after the season ends, but that still leaves 4 months where you should be working your butt off to get in shape for the season.


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