Badger football/Brewer playoff conflict?

Aug. 11, 2011
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If the standings stay as they are, the Brewers will be the #2 seed in the National League for the playoffs.

As announced by MLB, round one of the NLDS playoffs will take place on October 1st. 

"Both National League Division Series begin on Oct. 1. Four games will be played on that Saturday, all in a row, a possibility of baseball from roughly 1-to-1 ET."

If we're lucky, and because the Brewers are a small market, we might be, the Brewers will play earlier in the day.

Why, you ask?

Because the Wisconsin Badger football team opens their Big Ten schedule against new member Nebraska at 7pm that night.

You'll remember that game 4 of the NLDS for the Brewers in 2008 landed on a Sunday - a Packers Sunday. The Brewers game was in Philly and garnered lower TV ratings then the regular season Packer game (The Packers, incidentally, were 6-10 that season)

It would be a shame for the Brewers to get overshadowed once again by a football game. It would be nice, but not likely, if MLB took this into account when figuring out that day's schedule.


(Thanks to Twitter user @akschaaf for the tip)


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