Greater Tuna On The World's Stage

Another Comic Summer Outing With The World’s Stage On Tenth Street

Aug. 18, 2011
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The World'€™s Stage Theatre Company seems to be sharing some weird gravity with the Rep's Stackner Cabaret. This upcoming season, The Milwaukee Rep stages a production of The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged)--a show featuring Gerard Neugent and a couple of lesser-knowns. The World'€™s Stage performed a production of the comedy not too long ago. Next week, World€'s Stage will be performing Greater Tuna—a comedy recently staged at the Stackner . . . with Gerard Neugent.

It’s not surprising . . . both The Complete Works and Greater Tuna are wacky, little light comedies featuring a few actors playing multiple roles. The first in what kind of feels like a growing series of comedies, Greater Tuna is a series of comic shorts set in small-town Texas. It was a bit strange seeing established stage actors Neugent and Lee Ernst in a production of a show that is essentially light sketch comedy. Featuring younger actors just beginning to relate to the stage, The World’s Stage will doubtlessly be a better fit for the comedy. It'€™s kind of uncomfortable watching professional actors goof off. It could be kind of fun to watch younger actors who have something to prove working with material like Greater Tuna. This could be fun.

The World'€™s Stage'€™s production of Greater Tuna runs for one weekend only August 26th-28th at the Tenth Street Theatre on 628 North Tenth Street. Tickets are $10. For reservations, call 414-305-1324 ext. 704.



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