Volunteering At Sunset

Elm Grove Playhouse looking for volunteer help

Sep. 4, 2011
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Community theatre doesn’t always get the kind of respect it deserves. Wtiness the discrepancy in ticket prices between a perfectly solid community theatre show and say . . . a touring Broadway show—there’s a kind of a doubles standard in the way people think about theatre. Honestly, touring professional actors lack much of the vitality found in smaller productions. And while the acting at a production at Elm Grove’s Sunset Playhouse isn’t always the most convincing, it’s a much more dynamic experience than Broadway in a Box.

And so, without the kind of ticket prices that would afford the nice, friendly and almost universally polite and respectful people at the Marcus Center, a community theatre like the Sunset Playhouse need volunteers. The community in community theatre can’t exist without the community . . . if that makes ANY sense at all . . . and even if it doesn’t, Sunset is looking for volunteers. On Saturday, September 17th The Sunset Playhouse is holding a Volunteer Open House  from 1pm – 4pm. Those interested in helping continue a theatre tradition that’s been in Elm Grove for decades are encouraged to show up and find out about volunteer opportunities. Hang out with people who are volunteering to be every bit as nice as the professionally affable people doing the same type of work at the Marcus Center.


For more information, visit the Sunset Playhouse online.





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