Fools For Tragedy: What's Next

New theatre company announces its next two projects

Sep. 3, 2011
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In the days since it closed its one-weekend-only production of In My Mind's Eye, there's been some activity on the group'™s website.

Pear Photography has posted some absolutely beautiful studio shots of many of the characters. A studio that has worked on Liz Shipe'™s Grimm'™s Fairy Tale photoshoots, Pear Photography's Perry Heideman did some beautiful work for the show. There'™s a series of pics posted on the Fools'™ website. There at the end of the set is Shipe in character as Ophelia after the madness--”something which didn'™t get a lot of play in the Fool™s' cut of Hamlet. Some really beautiful stuff in there, though.

Beyond images of the group's debut, the image of the Fools'™ creative identity is starting to develop . . . now after the close of its first show the main page of the group's website features an extended text outlining a couple of new projects and casually asking for anyone interested in helping out with the creative process. Other new theatre companies seem to maintain a tight lid on creative control and who they choose to work with creative control is really important in smaller productions, otherwise things can easily get derailed. In contrast to this, the Fools are openly inviting people to work with them--”it'™s almost a kind of marketing in and of itself. Very cool. That kind of responsiveness to the community opens things up considerably.

Here's a look at the Fools'™ next to projects:

The Mercutio Story In conjunction with the slightly newer theatre company Fresh Page Productions (which opens its first show about one week after the Fools' first) the Fools presents the story of Romeo and Juliet with a focus on the tragic figure of Mercutio. They'™re looking for an urban/industrial feel for the show. They're looking for a group of young actors to work with--”and the emphasis here seems to be on collaboration with everyone involved. Directly from the text: "œWe would love help on the story-building, creative input on design and whatever you want to throw your hat into." Cool.

Waiting”is a project the Fools' Jordan Gwiazdowski is working on. It's a pretty clever post-modern mutation of Waiting for Godot. The premise is clever: tow actors sit around waiting for Samuel Beckett prior to their first rehearsal of Waiting for Godot. Gwiazdowski says that this is a more traditional theatrical show than Mercutio.

Says Jordan: "This show will most likely be pre-cast, but if it is something you are interested in auditioning for, we will most certainly see you."


For more information about Fools For Tragedy, visit them online.




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