Brewers or Cowboys?

Sep. 4, 2011
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Apparently the Brewers really are as loose a clubhouse as the media has been reporting all season. Because today they decided that when in Texas... So they apparently went in groups to buy boots, belt buckles and the whole caboodle to dress as cowboys for their trip from Houston to St. Louis.

According to writer Adam McCalvy, in 2001 the Brewers did a similiar thing after sweeping the Cubs and it was the beginning of a large slump in the standings.

But these Brewers aren't worried.

Supposedly, it was Ron Roenicke's idea. Jonathan Lucroy didn't need to buy anything because he already owned full cowboy getup. Craig Counsell is apparently cheap and thinking he wouldn't wear the gear again, went to the thrift store.

There will be people who aren't happy about the Brewers doing something that the rest of the league may misconstrue the actions and view this as the Brewers showing them up - especially since the Brewers are on their way to play in St. Louis - those notorious bastions of all that is good and right in the major leagues.

The pictures are absolutely priceless.



And here's some video from


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