So you want Brewers post-season tickets...

Dec. 31, 1969
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If you aren't a 20-game, 40-game or season seat holder, or have some sort of inside track to tickets we mortals don't know about, you don't have your hot little mandibles on Brewers post-season tickets.

The lottery that the Brewers hold for single-game tickets to post-season games started today. According to a release from a few weeks ago, in 2008, when the Brewers won the Wild Card, they had about 5,000 single-seat tickets to distribute and had about 22,000 people apply for the lottery.

Something tells me that the numbers of registrants will be much higher this time around.

Go here to sign up for the lottery. It started today and according to their timeline, the Brewers will be drawing names for the NLDS on September 22 and you'll get your bill for them on the 26th.

From what I understand about the drawing, they'll be doing a seperate one for the NLDS, NLCS and World Series, should it come to that. And it does seem that getting picked for one set does not preclude you from getting picked in another round. Meaning you could get NLDS and World Series tickets. Or whatever what the case may be.

Let me advise you now - if you're planning on trying your hand at the lottery, enlist anyone and everyone you know to also enter it for you. Increase your odds. In 2008, I had about 10 people "in it" for me and not one of us was selected.

That being said, if you are already getting tickets because you're some sort of season seat-holder, don't enter the lottery to get tickets just so you can sell them. That's mean. This Brewers season could be once-in-a-lifetime. Don't steal a true fan's chance to get in to the game.

They do say on that getting selected does not guarantee you a ticket. I assume they will be limiting the number of tickets each person can buy, but my guess is they'll choose enough people to cover if they all bought just one.

If you win the lottery, GO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS RIGHT AWAY. They are first-come, first-served.

Prices haven't been released, but I can tell you this. I have a terrace reserved 20-pack. Per ticket, the seat prices for me for NLDS are $30 each. For NLCS they are $50 each. For the World Series, they are $155 each. Per game.

Including parking, which the claim will be super-hard to come by because much of the parking lot is taken up by TV trucks and the like, for two terrace reserved tickets to each of the likely home games of the 3 series was about $1500 (I think).

The Brewers set the prices for the NLDS and NLCS, but Major League Baseball sets prices for the World Series.

Remember, too, that you can gain access to post-season tickets by putting down a deposit on full-season tickets for next year. The Brewers have also said that you can have access to NLDS tickets if you put down a deposit on a 20-game pack for next year.

Let me remind you that a terrace reserved 20-game pack was just $200 this season. If you're planning to buy after-market tickets, you might be spending up to that much for one set of tickets. It may be worth it to get the 20-game pack for next season and at least get something for your money. You can always sell off your tickets next season.


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