Free Play Reading With Milwaukee Chamber

Montgomery Davis Play Development Series stages a reading of OCTOBER BEFORE I WAS BORN by Lori Matthews

Sep. 8, 2011
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Playwright Lori Matthews

When tragedy strikes away from home, it can be difficult enough waiting for the mobile phone call from a loved one to find out they’re okay—the facebook update or whatever it is that lets you know that the person you care about managed to escape harm. It’s difficult to imagine what it must’ve been like half a century ago . . . which is the subject of Wisconsin-based playwright Lori Matthews’ October Before I was Born.

It’s October of 1960 and there’s been an explosion at a chemical plant. Loved ones on a rural farmhouse wait news that loved ones had survived the blast. There’s no car. They’re cut off from reliable information. Three people wait and worry. Tensions get to be a bit uncomfortable. So it goes with domestic drama . . .

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre presents a staged reading of the drama Monday, September 19th. Milwaukee Chamber’s C. Michael Wright directs a cast including Michael Cotey, Raeleen McMillion, April Paul & Ken Williams. The reading is held free of charge (with donations kindly accepted) at the Skylight Bar and Bistro at the Broadway Theatre Center. Seating is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. 



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