Dearly Beloved Morning Star

Morning Star Productions opens its season with a new comedy

Sep. 20, 2011
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Being one of the single most common institutions in the modern world, marriage has been the subject of much comedy over the years. Outside the “real world,”  weddings have been produced on every kind of stage and screen imaginable. This week, Morning Star Productions adds one more wedding comedy to the tradition as it hosts Dearly Beloved a brand-new play by Lisa Buethe.

Morning Star opens its season with the comedy about . . . well . . . it’s another story about a wife-to-be who has sequestered herself in the bathroom. Three couples try to console the harried groom-to-be and . . . here’s where the comedy defines itself . . . the three couples trying to console the future groom end up finding out things about each other they might not have otherwise known. Potentially a very clever concept, but this is a brand new play, so the real draw here is the fact that it’s new. Comedy comes from the unexpected. This could be interesting if Buethe has stayed far enough away from cliché.

Morning Star Productions’ Dearly Beloved runs September 23rd through October 2nd at Eastbrook Church on 5385 N. Green Bay Avenue. For ticket reservations, call 414-228-5220.



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