Are the Brewers mean?

Sep. 20, 2011
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Well if you ask the St. Louis Cardinals, the Brewers are brash, cocky, mean and generally disrespectful of all things baseball.

But in the player poll that was released last week, Chris Carpenter and Albert Pujols were ranked the seventh and eighth meanest players, while Nyjer Morgan was ranked ninth and Prince Fielder was ranked 13th.

The poll was taken of 215 other major league baseball players and there is no other explanation or description listed.

It's interesting, after all the contention between the Cardinals and Brewers and after Craig Calcaterra's column claiming that there's no proof that Albert Pujols is a jerk.

(Disclaimer: read the comments on that Calcaterra piece at your own discretion)

You'll remember the incredible hubub created after Nyjer Morgan threw his chew and swore at Chris Carpenter. The media was all over Morgan for two days. Of course, as soon as it died down and Morgan was well and truly villified, Carpenter came out and said he swore at Morgan first and started the whole issue. Of course, no one covered that story or retracted their comments about Morgan.

One of the issues many Brewers fans was that Pujols felt the need to interject himself into the situation, charging over from first base. As Morgan didn't approach the mound and Yadier Molina was between Morgan and Carpenter, as catchers often are in that siutation, what the heck was Pujols doing involving himself. Calcaterra opined that Pujols was not in the wrong because he'd never been a bad person in the past, so clearly that meant he wasn't wrong here.

Obviously that's shaky logic at best and now this poll of players that play with the on a daily basis says Carpenter and Pujols are worse than Morgan or Fielder.

Maybe its problematic to be excited that your players rank lower - it would be best if your guys aren't on the list at all - but I do find it vindicating that every time Nyjer Morgan does something slightly out of the norm, he's picked apart and here his peers are saying he's not near as bad as the media are making him out to be.



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