Marquette new jersey

Sep. 21, 2011
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Marquette leaked some new uniforms a couple of weeks ago. They had managed to avoid the Nike curse of uniform ridiculousness for so long, but it has finally made its way to Milwaukee.

Nike first used the Aerographics in the 2008 Olympics. They say the burnout mesh allows for better ventilation and that the jersey weighs 31% less than previous models.

The first schools to get Aerographics, in 2009, were Oregon, Memphis, Michigan State and Gonzaga.

The jerseys have individualized graphics for each university.

Here's Marquette's incarnation:

They use Marquette Hall, which I guess makes sense for Marquette U, but I don't think its the most iconic building on campus, so I'm "eh" on that. I'm a big fan of the use of Al McGuire, though it sucks he's hidden by the number. The date of the university's founding imposed on the basketball is awkward and the numbers are so big they crowd the MU logo. The date is also questionable because those are capital I's, not 1's bracketing the 8's. Looks like I88I. Awful.

Lastly, the words Cura Personalis are just so strange to me. "Care of the Whole Person" in Latin, on the back of a basketball jersey. Since it's a Jesuit teaching, it's not a phrase unique to Marquette. It has nothing to do with basketball. Latin on a basketball jersey? Pretentious, if you ask me. Odd, odd choice.


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