Funding The Dead Man's Cell Phone

Pink Banana’s Video Pitch for Sarah Ruhl show

Sep. 22, 2011
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With the economy being such as it is, big donations from big individual donors are likely to be down as things progress into the next several years. Smaller companies continue to find funding with the people who buy tickets. Smaller productions all over the country have been helped-out through the use of—a site that allows individual productions to find the funding they need from individual donors in a slick, appealing format.

Pink Banana Theatre recently opened a Kickstarter page for its upcoming production of Sarah Ruhl’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone.

Set to run November 3rd – 12th, the show looks remarkably promising. The page in question features a very conversational, slickly-produced video pitch for the project. As of this writing, the show has reach $500 of the $1,000 it needs to be fully funded. They’re accepting donations now through the next couple of weeks.


Here’s the video from Kickstarter:


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