Sitting Onstage Watching A Show In The House


Sep. 23, 2011
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Fools For Tragedy recently released details on its upcoming February show—Jordan Gwiazdowski’s Waiting . . . which also bears the name The Intrepid Two in a promo pic on the company’s website.

Staged at the Alchemist Theatre, the show is set in the Tehatre de Babylone in Paris. Two actors have received, “anonymous contracts,” to perform in a production of Becket’s classic Waiting For Godot. They’re sitting around waiting for instruction.

The rest of what’s going on in the production is really interesting conceptually. From the Facebook announcement:

“The cast will be a different combination of the 5 or 6 actors employed for the show every night. The script will be entirely non-descript as to who these characters are besides what the actor draws from the text. It will give the small dedicated group an amazing chance to work on a range of characters – and to work and experience fellow performers using the same text but making completely different choices. It is not only a show – but also an exercise in the art of making firm well-executed decisions in performance.”

Cool. Another bit about the show that’s been announced is that fact that the action will be taking place in the house with the audience seated onstage. Kind of a fun reversal there—seeing the theatre from a different perspective.


Jordan has put out the call for a couple more actors to be involved in the show…

“looking for one or two dedicated and fearless actors looking for a creatively explosive outlet in live theatre.

You will be paid.

Email for info “

Fools For Tragedy’s Waiting runs February 9th -18th at the Alchemist Theatre. 



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