One Full Hour of WHT

Wisconsin hybrid Theatre presents PHANTOM OF THE OPERA spoof

Sep. 26, 2011
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The Wisconsin Hybrid Theatre  has been performing its on brand of vintage old-tomey radio-style comedy for several years now. Staged performances featuring actors in character as voice actors from the gold age of radio have been such a success that the company has started doing actual radio broadcasts on WMSE's Frontier Radio Hour on the first Sunday morning of every month.

The latest is set to be something of a milestone . .  . the group will be performing a FULL HOUR of live material from 8-9 am on October 2nd . . . on 91.7 FM--WMSE

The ensemble for WHT's Frank Candor Investigates the Opera Ghost includes: Randall Anderson as Jack Farwell in the role of Frank Candor. Jim Owczarski as Ira Hampton in the role of the Opera Ghost. Also included: Sarah Laak Hughes and Neil Arsenty.

Ever the prolific writer, WHT's Charles Sommers was also asked to write a special Radio Faust for Alchemist Theatre'™s Faust which includes a very promising cast including Sammi Dittloff, Lindsey L. Gagliano and Beth Lewinski.



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