Badger Women's Hockey is great

Sep. 23, 2011
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I actually wrote an epically long blog post last week listing all the reasons and stats that prove to you that Wisconsin women's hockey is a great sport/team and you should become a fan. I broke down the difference in the men's game and the women's game, told you who to watch and basically gave it all on a platter.

But the blogging gods hate me and the post disappeared when I tried to post it. I haven't had a chance to re-write the post (but I swear, I will), so for right now, just imagine that I've told you all those things.

Because the Wisconsin women's hockey team opens their season tonight and Sunday and you really should be there.

And if all those (as yet unwritten, but not imaginary) reasons aren't enough, Wisconsin is offering free admission to the game tonight and the game Sunday afternoon.

Look, I know the Brewers could clinch tonight. If you read this blog, you know how big of a Brewers fan I am. And yet, I'm about to hop in the car and drive to Madison for the night and watch the women play.

The Badger women won the National Championship last season. It was their fourth National Championship is six years. That, folks, is a dynasty.

One of last year's seniors, Meghan Duggan won the Patty Kazmaier trophy - basically the national MVP of women's hockey. It's arguable that Meghan wasn't the best player on the team.

That distinction might go to Hilary Knight - and Hilary is back for her senior season at UW. She's literally one of the best to ever play the game. She's going to break records all season long. She's going to be the best player in the country.

Hilary (among other Badgers - we'll ge to that in the next post) was on the 2010 US Olympic Women's Hockey Team. At the time, the commentators were talking about what a special talent she is and how she might be the best - and that's Internationally. Imagine how she'll fair on the college level.

Tonight they're raising the Championship banner. They are giving away National Championship commemorative pucks. And the game is free!

It's a completely easy drive from Milwaukee. We're leaving at 4 and will be back  before midnight. My dogs won't even miss me in that short of time. You've got nothing to lose. This is elite-level talent.


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