Milwaukee Brewers: 2011 NL Central Champs

Sep. 23, 2011
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This picture of Nyjer Morgan from FS Wisconsin is too amazing not to share.


Some fun Deja Vu tonight.

Braun hit the home run to beat the Cubs on the final day of the season in 2008 to clinch the NL Wild Card.

In 2008 the Brewers beat the Cubs and had to hang around the stadium to wait to watch the Marlins win.

Today the Brewers beat the Marlins and had to wait to see the Cubs win.


The Brewers became the first team to ever clinch a division in each the AL and NL.

Ryan Braun was on the field with a championship belt similar to the one that Aaron Rodgers had last season for the Packers - the two are friends - but a JS article says that Braun ordered the belt before the season and its been in the clubhouse all season as a reminder of what they're working for.

We were there in 2008 and weren't too concerned about being in house for the clinch. We didn't think they'd clinch tonight and we chose to go to Madison for a badger womens hockey game. For some reason we got right in the car and started home and ended up listening to the final few innings and the end of the Cardinals game on the radio. Listening to Ueck was really cool and added a new dimension to the story.

We did DVR the game and a few hours following the game, which we're watching as I type this.

And it makes me wish we were there. I thought we wouldn't miss it, but it turns out it was a huge thing we'll be sad we weren't a part of it.


That being said - I have higher expectations than just a Division title and we hold a complete set of postseason tickets. My hope is that we'll be seeing bigger and better celebrations and this one will be a distant memory.


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