The Pabst Culture Clash

Mar. 12, 2008
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Justin wasn't lying: There's an odd stigma about drinking Pabst here. When Justin ordered a round last night, a guy next to him surmised that he must be out of town, since people here stopped drinking Pabst two years ago. Justin was unable to gauge how much (if any) sarcasm was in that statement.

And indeed, when I ordered  a round myself, the bartender raised an eyebrow  and dismissively shook her head, flashing a bemused smile and clearly enjoying watching a guy in Vans and pearl snaps live up to the rest of the stereotype.

So, on the off chance anyone from Texas stumbles across this blog, let me get this out of the way: We Milwaukeeans don't drink Pabst to make a statement. We drink it because it's cheap, available and pretty good for what it is. It's second nature.

I actually can't figure out what Texans drink instead of Pabst.


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