NLDS Game 1 and 2 times announced

Sep. 29, 2011
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Game 1 of NLDS between Brewers and D-backs scheduled for 1:07 pm CT Saturday. Game 2 Sunday @ 3:37 pm CT.


The Saturday start time means that Wisconsin sports fans will not have to choose between the Brewers postseason and the Badgers/Nebraska game that starts at 7pm.

Unfortunately, though, they will have to choose on Sunday when the Packers play the Broncos at 3pm. The last time the two played, the overwhelming amount of households in Wisconsin tuned to the Packers. Seeing as this time around, the Brewers are WAY MORE talented and the Packers should handily defeat the Broncos, I hope that's not the case.

I have to say I would have been extremely disappointed if I'd had to miss the Badger game. I obviously would have picked the Brewers game, but I would have been sad to miss the Badgers. That being said, I have absolutely no compunction about missing the Packers game on Sunday.


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