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Oct. 4, 2011
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The Brewers are continuing to pick up momentum in the post-season media attention race. Small market teams rarely draw the notice of the big outlets, but the fact that they're the only team to start their series 2-0, that Braun's an MVP favorite and Beast Mode seems impossible to ignore, the team has gotten some attention.

I've seen a lot of people deciding to adopt the Brewers as "their" postseason team. The Brewers are riding high, have a good chance to go far and are extremely likeable. People also like picking the small-town team.

This bar in New York has appointed itself the Brewers postseason hangout. Click on the link to find out their pretty hilarious reasons for choosing the Brewers.

Apparently there is a Packer bar in New York that normally plays Brewers games, but since the Brewers and Packers games are overlapping, folks are saying its not a good place to watch the Brewers in the postseason. Sounds like Tempest Bar is the place to go in NYC.

In a brilliant PR move, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, the Brewers' Single-A affiliate in Appleton, are showing the Brewers post-season games on their big screen and throughout their stadium. Admission and parking are free. Tuesday, and if there's a game Wednesday, they will be doing a Bang for your Buck night. Soda, hotdogs, and all of the beers on tap are available for $1. An hour before they opened their doors on Tuesday, they had people lining up outside the stadium. With this week's warm weather, it should be a good time.

Things are rough in Arizona for the Diamondbacks. It's been widely publicized that even on the day of the game there were tickets available to Games 3 and 4 for $12. To compare, a couple I know paid $250 for tickets and parking to Game 2 in Milwaukee. Additionally, Trenni is reporting that sports radio there is refusing to talk about the series. Not too many fans, Phoenix?

SBNation, the site that hosts Brew Crew Ball, the other site I write for, had a hilarious article for the start of the postseason giving you reasons why you should or should not root for each of the teams. I laughed out loud multiple times. Despite being a few games in, this is absolutely a must-read.

If you've been reading stuff about the Brewers all season, you've read at least two separate articles about John Axford that tell you about his time as a bartender and cell phone salesman and also about the tryout that was only attended by the Brewers scout. This article has all of those things, but also takes it all a step further to get you more information that no one else has had. Good for MLB's Jordan Bastian for not just turning in the same article. Really, no one else could have found that scout to talk to? Poor work by others, great just by Bastian.

This article says the case can and should be made for the Brewers to be in the World Series. No one else is really saying that, at this point. It also includes this paragraph:"Braun, Fielder and Axford form a striking threesome; each one is arguably the best at his respective position in the league. And they are three formidable reasons the Brewers must be considered a possible World Series champion."

Another article from focuses on Zach Greinke and his sometimes confusing personality. It's a good read.

If there is a Game 5, Ron Roenicke says Yovani Gallardo will be the starting pitcher.

Braun has taken to calling Nyjer Morgan "Tony Clutch," but Nyjer also added another character to his lineup - this one for his Latino fans - "Antonio Caliente."


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