Honoring Ruth Schudson

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre presents a fundraiser in honor of co-founder Ruth Schudson

Oct. 16, 2011
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The Milwaukee Chamber Theatre has developed a respectable standard of theatre over the years. When founding any theatre company, there’s no question that everyone involved would like to see the entity live long beyond their retirement. As the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre continues to produce quality shows many, many years after its founding, it appears poised to do just that.

The late Milwaukee Chamber co-founder Montgomery Davis has had his name applied to a new play development series that shows a considerable amount of promise. And now, in honor of Milwaukee Chamber co-founder Ruth Schudson, the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre announces that it id establishing the Ruth Schudson Leading Lady Fund—a fund specifically designated to support the work of one MCT actress per season.

MCT has announced this in conjunction with Schudson’s 65th production with Milwaukee Chamber—Driving Miss Daisy. And in interest of kicking-off the new fund, MCT will be hosting A Tribute To Ruth Schudson—a special fundraiser featuring performances by some of Milwaukee’s best and most established actors including Molly Rode, Laura Gray, Dan Mooney, Norman Moses, Chase Stoeger, Mary MacDonald Kerr and more.

The event takes place on Monday, October 24th at the Broadway Theatre Center. The event begins at 7:30pm with a 9pm Champagne reception afterwards.

Tickets for the benefit are $250 each. Proceeds go to the Leading Lady Fund.

For reservations, contact MCT Development Director Amy Geyser at 414-276-8842. 


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