Pre-Halloween Costume Sale with Sunset

Sunset Playhouse hosts a clearance event to raise funds

Oct. 11, 2011
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I tend to over-anthropomorphize things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not weird about it or anything. I don’t feel sorry for coleslaw in the refrigerator that goes uneaten  as former Milwaukee poet Matt Cook has professed to. I do however, feel bad about stage costumes that get worn for a single run and then lie around in a box somewhere for the rest of eternity. What kind of existence is that for a garment? How many otherwise perfectly nice scarves and flannels are lost in closets somewhere simply because they happened to have the good fortune to appear in a production of Rent? And what of all the vests and tie-dyes that could be doing some good were it not for the fact that they appeared in a recent production of Hair . . . say in Elm Grove for example . . .

So it pleases me to hear that the Sunset Playhouse is hosting a pre-Halloween costume sale.  October 13th – 15th, the Sunset Playhouse will be clearing out some of its costume inventory. The sale will be set-up in the Sunset’s studio theatre. Here are the scheduled hours for the sale:


October 13 (Noon - 6:00pm)

October 14 (Noon - 6:00pm)

October 15 (10am - 4:00pm)


For more information about the Sunset Playhouse, visit them online.  




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