1984 Auditions: Online registration

Alchemist/Empty Space/Bad Example looking for dystopian cast for staging of Orwell’s classic

Nov. 8, 2011
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Next March, Bad Example Productions (perhaps inadvertently) follows a pattern established a couple of years ago by New York’s Godlight Theater as it presents George Orwell’s 1984 as the dystopian follow-up to a production of Fahrenheit 451 a little while back.

In conjunction with Alchemist Theatre and Project Empty Space, Bad Example Productions will be staging the dystopian tale of unchecked dictatorship March 1st -17th of next year. This November, they’re looking to cast that production. Auditions take place between Noon and 6pm on Sunday, November 13th. Payment for performance comes in the rather interesting form of $80 in credit with the Alchemist Theatre (kind of a cool idea, actually, considering most smaller productions are unable to pay their actors anything physical.)

For complete details, visit the auditions’ web page. 


Auditons are by appointment only. Appointments are made through registration on the above listed website. Proespective cast members are encouraged to sign up for an audition time with name and phone number and character preferences. (There’s also a listing of charcters on the page with brief descritions for those unfamiliar with the classic.)

I’m looking forward to watching Big Brother this March. Hopefully this project can attract some interesting talent. Personally, I feel like Orwell’s original work was far more accomplished the Bradbury’s Fahrenheit . . .  it has more of a universality to it. This could be a very powerful production.








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