The Return of the Puppets of the Living Dead

Angry Young Men return to the Oriental for Halloween

Oct. 23, 2011
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The undead puppets return to the Oriental Theatre in just a couple of weeks as Angry young Men Ltd. present another helping of The Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show. If you’re a fan of the horror genre and you haven’t seen this puppet show, you really should. And if you have you should probably see it again. Angry Young Men do a scen-for-scene re0enactment of the horror classic with floating head and torso puppets…the zombies are piñata heads. It’s a fun, fun show.


According to film lore, the George Romero’s classic had become a public domain property due to a simple mistake. It’s been the property of fans ever since and this puppet show is part of that legacy. It’s actually a pretty deep and dark piece of ambiguous horror and it’s nice that it’s property of everybody. Angry Young Men continues to show that this is a really, really compelling story. Thefact that their doing it comedically with puppets is merely a detail. At its heart this is actually a really, really primal story.  


Angry Young Men’s latest Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show comes to the Oriental Theatre on Thursday, October 27th at 7pm. Tickets are $10. Silent film-style sketch comedy group the MUTES open for Angry Young Men. 




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