Guys & Does Return

American Folklore Theatre presents classy deer hunting musical

Oct. 20, 2011
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Bo Johnson and Lee Becker are a couple of talented stage performers. The fact that they’ve been able to make fairly good money performing as musical deer hunters would strike a few people as being kind of strange. But actually, it’s a really interesting show with a kind of surprising level of depth to it. The fact that it also happens to be about deer hunters from Northern Wisconsin is something of an added bonus. The fact that Johnson and Becker  manage strikingly authentic north woods accents makes it all the more fun. (All too often shows like Escanaba In Da Moonlight. Guys on Ice and various other north woods comedies lack authentic accents. Speaking as someone who grew-up up there, it can be kind of difficult to sit through those shows. That’s just one of a number of things that make Johnson and Becker’s Guys & Does that much more fun than much of the rest of the works in the rather strange subgenre.)


Johnson and Becker return to their roles in a staging of Guys & Does that will come to inhabit UW- Whitewater’s Young Auditorium on 930 West Main Street. The show makes it to UW-W on Friday, November 11th 2011. The show event starts at 6pm with a buffet –style  “Camp Dinner” followed by the show. For reservations, call 262-472-2222 or visit the Young Auditorium online.



Prior to trekking over to Whitewater, the guys (& does) make an appearance a little closer to the heart of Milwaukee with a staging of the show  at In Tandem’s Tenth Street Theatre from October 25th through November 6th. For ticket reservations to the Tenth Street shows, call 414-271-1371 or visit In Tandem online.





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