Dana Coppafeel Takes on Contemporary Rap

Mar. 29, 2012
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The cover of Dana Coppafeel's high-concept new mixtape, Lil Yung, isn't remotely subtle: A crudely Photoshopped illustration depicts the Milwaukee rapper on a massive yacht, perched on a throne of cash, a bottle of Moët in his fist. It's the type of heavy-handed send-up of contemporary rap culture you might expect from a rapper of a certain age who is best associated with golden-era throwbacks (his nostalgic single “88,” or last year's Native Tongues-worshipping A Tribe Called Bastard mixtape with his group KingHellBastard), and the kind of satire that wears thin over even the shortest exposures, let alone over the course of a full album (see Prince Paul's The Politics of Business, a take-down of commercial rap that was both intentionally and unintentionally worse than the music it was parodying). Lil Yung's cover art is a bit misleading, though. While he can't resist taking a few easy digs, Coppafeel is more interested in ripping these industry tracks than mocking them. Long one of the city's wiliest, most ebullient emcees, he goes on a real tear here, feeding on the energy and excitement of air-horn sirens and chopped-and-screwed beats. These aren't the kind of instrumentals Coppafeel usually prefers, but he doesn't let that stop him from absolutely owning them.

The Lil Yung mixtape is posted for free download here. A video for the track “Ima Bake Daily” is embedded below.


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