Did Adidas give Wisconsin faulty clothes?

Oct. 23, 2011
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This pic comes from Uni Watch, which points out that the coaches' gear during last night's game appears to have come from Adidas with an error.


Those aren't W's at the start of "Wisconsin." Those are upside-down M's.

That's kind of a huge mistake by Adidas.

It also doesn't seem to be isolated to the stash received by the Wisconsin coaching staff. The jacket is for sale on the Wisconsin Bookstore website and that picture is harder to see, but also looks to have the upside-down M instead of a W.

Had I just seen the shot from Uni Watch, I'd have assumed it was a sort of isolated incident - that the run they'd made for the coaches had the issue, but that it wasn't an overall problem. It possible that the one that was photographed for the website also came out of an "early" run, like the coaches' gear, but it doesn't look good that the issue exists in two places.

I often wonder how large corporations can have these sorts of issues. So many eyes have to see a product before it gets sent out for use. How does nobody catch something like this? The eyes that see the product are the ones most versed on what the product and text should look like. They should see such a glaring error. I'd have to imagine a quality-control deparment. They failed here.


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