Warhol As Horror in 2013

Alchemist Theatre begins soft-sell marketing campaign for 15 MINUTES

Oct. 24, 2011
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About twenty years ago, my father was Assistant Artistic Director of the Organic Theatre in Chicago. At the time they were in the early planning stages of working on developing a project—a play about Ultra Violet. This particular Ultra Violet was an artist who was a part of Warhol’s Factory who had appeared in a few of his films. The project never quite got off the ground, (or if it had, I hadn’t heard about it) but I still think that the culture of Warhol’s factory would make for really interesting theatre. As much as I loved Bowie as Warhol in Basquiat, I think that film lacks some of the immediacy that art culture thrives on. Any dramatic treatment of the subject of Warhol’s Factory would be that much more intense onstage.

And so I was really happy to get an email from Aaron Kopec—evidently he’s working on the script for an entirely new throughout-the-building show at the Alchemist Theatre. Evidently their Faust was a big enough hit that they’re looking into doing another big multi-stage project—this one for (I’m assuming the fall of) 2013.

The play is called Fifteen Minutes looks like sharp psychological horror as identity drips off a guy named Danny Nova. Though the play’s opening is still—like . . . two years away from now, Kopec and company already have a compelling little site set-up to promote the show. Here’s the link.

The site has a photobooth with ambiguous promotional shots and a relatively detailed bit of promotional text in the form of diary excerpts from the character Danny Nova. This looks promising . . . and it doesn’t hit the stage until 2013. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a local show promoted this far out in advance. It’s interesting to see an attempt to generate buzz this far out from opening night. Like any long ad campaign, it does run the risk of wearing out people’s interest before the show opens, but judging from the promo site, it looks like a lot of thought is being put into the marketing schedule for this show.

According to a line at the bottom of the main page, it looks like the site is due to be updated with more information on the very specific date of November 28th. (That’s November 28th of this year.)  




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