Uprooted Against Type

UPROOTED THEATRE hosts a clever fundraising event at Broadway Theatre Center

Oct. 25, 2011
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One non-profit fundraiser can pretty much bleed into the next for those with the means to attend them. The challenge for any non-profit is to put something together that is distinct and unique while still serving that basic role of a fundraiser event—to raise money.

Uprooted Theatre’s October 30th fundraiser conceptually goes a few steps beyond memorable fundraising event to make kind of an interesting statement about casting. Against Type sounds like a performance that could practically have a fully-staged multi-weekend run under other circumstances.

The idea is to get a group of actors together to perform bits from roles that they would never actually get cast as. The one night-only fundraiser is set to feature Marti Gobel and Tiffany Yvonne Cox with Sara Zientek, Ericka Wade, T. Stacy Hicks, Alison Mary Forbes among others. It’s a variety show—monologues, songs and scenes that all may be quite familiar being performed by talented actors who would never otherwise have a chance to perform the roles in question. This sounds like an extremely fun show and I’m really, really disappointed to be missing it.

Uprooted Theatre’s Against Type fundraiser starts at 6:30 pm at the Skylight Bar and Bistro. Tickets are $25. Ticket reservations can be made at the event’s page on Brown Paper Tickets.





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