Badger Hockey's Little to play through pain

Oct. 27, 2011
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Junior Ryan Little apparently took a shot to the hand during the NoDak series and that exacerbated some old injuries he had.

Giving possibly the most vague injury interview ever, Little told WSJ's Andy Baggot that "there's some broken stuff in there." Apparently a variety of doctors have checked out Little and have found that he really can't do additional damage to the hand if he continues to play, so Little says he'll be on the ice against Nebraska-Omaha this weekend.

Little will be wearing some padding on the hand while he plays and its basically been determined that as long as he can handle the pain, he can play.

Losing Little would have been very hard on the Badgers. They have so few upperclassmen to begin with and Little is an assistant captain. His leadership as well as his skill on the ice would have been missed. Obviously there's still a chance that he won't be able to go - the pain may end up being an issue.


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