Braun and Fielder win Silver Slugger Awards

Nov. 2, 2011
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LF Ryan Braun and 1B Prince Fielder won Silver Slugger Awards from the MLB tonight.

The awards, presented by Louisville Slugger, are awarded to the top hitters at each position in each league.

It is the second Slugger of Fielder's career. He won it in 2007, but it's going to Albert Pujols each of the last three years.

It is actually the fourth consecutive Silver Slugger for Braun. The last NL outfielder to win four consecutive? Barry Bonds from 00-04.

Braun says longevity and consistency are what every baseball player hopes to achieve and winning four Silver Sluggers in a row shows consistency.

Braun led the NL with a .994 OPS and .597 slugging percentage. He (somewhat famously) finished second to Jose Reyes with a .332 batting average. His 336 total bases and 109 runs scored also ranked second in the league. He ranked fourth with 111 RBIs and tied for sixth with 33 home runs.

As Fielder had lost to Pujols the past few years, it took quite an offensive season to win the title back. Fielder just barely edged Pujols in home runs (38 to 37), but had significantly better numbers in RBIs (120 to 99), OPS (.981 to .906) and total bases (322 to 313).

Fielder finished second in the NL in homers, RBIs, walks (107) and on-base percentage (.415). He also was the only player to start all 162 games.

Pitcher Yovani Gallardo joined Braun on the list last year, making this the second-consecutive year that two Brewers earned the honor.


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