UWM looking to add ice hockey?

Nov. 2, 2011
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This article from the JS says that included in the $87,000 study about whether or not UW-Milwaukee should add football is that they're also considering adding men's and women's ice hockey.

The same sentence mentions lacrosse and rugby, but for some reason, the hockey part is getting a lot of attention.

The story about UWM exploring football leaked a few days ago and the leak included the detail about how much money the study was costing, but didn't mention hockey.

The program would likely be D1 and would be a good candidate to play in the "new-look" WCHA that will exist once the Big Ten Hockey Conference and National Collegiate Hockey Conference form in the 2013-2014 season.

One of the first questions that would have to be answered about the new team is where they would play. There's no way they'd play at the Bradley Center - the cost is incredibly high. The US Cellular Arena, where the UWM men's basketball team plays, once held the Admirals' ice, so it has, in the past, been configured for hockey.

On Twitter, there's been speculation that there are seriously large donors interested in the hockey program. I'd have to imagine that a college hockey team in Milwaukee would be supported by the Pettit/Bradley family. They have always been incredibly committed to hockey in Milwaukee. One person thought that donors would spend the money to build a facility. While there's no facts to back that up at this point, my first question would be - where? UWM's urban campus doesn't have the room for it.


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